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Phuket’s Favourite Biker Bar & Restaurant… and Hotel!
It was over 10 years ago, while cruising on his Harley through the beautiful province of Phang-Nga that Nicky first came up with the idea to create Nicky’s Handlebar.
The bike boom on Phuket Island had just started and was growing with every passing tourist season. However, there was no place for Harley and big bike enthusiasts to hang out and socialize with likeminded folks.
Noticing this gap, Nicky decided the time was right to create a unique biker bar and what better place than on Phuket’s most popular beach destination, Patong.
Today, Nicky’s Handlebar is the number one biker bar and restaurant on the Island. Of course, it now caters to more than just bikers as more and more people have discovered that it simply is a great place to hang out in the company of friendly folk from all over the world.
One day you may be sitting next to a philosopher from Norway, a granny from New Zealand chatting with a tattooed biker in leather gear, or bankers from Singapore sharing a bottle with a mechanic from Germany… it truly is a diverse mix of patrons!
But having a great restaurant and bar as well as offering fantastic Harley Tours just wasn’t enough for Nicky. In 2010, Nicky’s Handlebar Hotel opened its doors. This fantastic new hotel, situated adjacent to the restaurant and located in the heart of Patong, features 27 stylish rooms as well as an assortment of hotel facilities designed to make each and every guest feel comfortable.
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